Treating Cavities With Fillings

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Poor oral hygiene can gradually affect the health of your gums and teeth. When bacteria deposits and food particles are not removed from your mouth each day, your chances of suffering a cavity on one of your teeth rises dramatically. With early diagnosis, Dr. David Duke can treat the cavity with a standard dental filling.

The first step calls for numbing the tooth and surrounding gums to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment. Dr. Duke will then use a dental drill to remove any traces of tooth decay. This will provide a healthy surface to bond with the filling material.

The specific material Dr. Duke uses for the dental filling will depend on the tooth’s position in your smile.

Composite fillings are made from a special form of dental plastic. This material can be shaped and colored to perfectly match the surrounding tooth enamel. Amalgam fillings are made from a blend of dental grade metals. They are dark in color and are known for being durable. This makes them a better choice for repairing a cavity on a molar or premolar.

Once the dental filling is in place, Dr. Duke  will use a special ultraviolet light to cure and bond it with the natural tooth enamel.

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