When a tooth needs to be removed from your smile completely, our skilled dentists can perform a tooth extraction in Bountiful, Utah. We encourage you to visit Dental Designs of Bountiful if you have a tooth that is badly decayed, injured, or otherwise damaged. Call 801-295-7171 today to arrange an oral exam with Dr. Duke or Dr. Andrews.

While our dental office does our best to save healthy teeth, there are often cases when teeth need to be removed completely. This may be because of severe tooth decay or infection; extra teeth that are blocking new ones from growing in; severe gum disease; teeth in a fracture line; or preparation for braces.

Simple extractions are usually performed with a local anesthetic and dental forceps that apply gentle, steady and controlled pressure to remove the tooth. For more complex cases, surgical extractions are necessary to remove teeth that are difficult to access. Both procedures are extremely safe and have been executed several times by our dentists.

For more serious cases, surgical extractions are sometimes necessary. This is usually because the tooth has not fully emerged from the gum line. After an incision is made, Dr. Duke and Dr. Andrews will carefully remove the tooth and possibly some surrounding bone tissue. Sometimes the tooth is split into several pieces for easier removal.

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