Three Things to Include on Your Child’s Back-To-School Checklist

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Having routine checkups and dental cleanings will help your child succeed at school as much as immunizations do. Why is that? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that tooth decay affects more children in the United States than any other chronic infectious disease, which can add up to missed school attendance.

To protect your child’s oral health, we would like to share three things to include on their back-to-school-checklist. Once they have prepared for the school year by having their six-month cleanings, be sure to provide them with the following:

#1 – Help your child to stay motivated to brush and floss their teeth every day. You can purchase a new toothbrush for them to begin the new school year, one that fits easily in their mouth, and keep their bathroom stocked with a fluoride toothpaste to protect tooth enamel. Find a flossing tool which they will actually use. Many parents have been happy with a water flosser for their children’s smiles because they are easy to use. Stick to ADA-approved dental products as they have a track record of safety and effectiveness.

#2 – Children (and teens) who participate regularly in sports are well on their way to a balanced, active lifestyle. Still, you will want to ensure that they have protective gear to keep their smiles safe during injurious activity. Providing them with protective gear should be on their school supply list, such as an athletic mouth guard when exposed to high-contact school sports, PE, or playground activities that might leave them open to injury to teeth and gums.

#3 – Children (and teens) tend to thrive with the proper nutrition they need for developing bodies, teeth, and gums. Encourage them to avoid or at the very least, limit, sugary foods and drinks. Provide them with nutrition-rich lunches instead. You can stock tooth friendly items such as fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cheese, or milk, and meat and grains.

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