Smile Therapy: Root Canal Therapy

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Root canal therapy is a highly effective endodontic treatment designed to save teeth. It is accomplished by removing damaged pulps. If the pulp is ever damaged, it will need to be removed, or the tooth itself will also have to be extracted. Through the use of a root canal therapy, the pulp can be removed, and the tooth can be resealed to allow the tooth to continue to function for many years to come.

If you ever suffered an oral accident or injury, a pulp extraction may be required. This is because if a pulp is damaged, it will lead to further infections and even tooth loss. However, with a root canal therapy, it may be possible to remove a pulp and allow a tooth to continue to function effectively.

Damaged pulps can be caused by means other than oral accidents and injuries. If you have a deep cavity that is gone untreated in your mouth, it can’t decay your tooth to the point that your pulp is vulnerable to bacterial infection. Furthermore, if you have had repeated dental procedures on a tooth, including anything that constantly wears down the tooth or removes a small amount of enamel each time, the tooth may be vulnerable to a pulp infection. In some situations, microscopic damage may have occurred to a tooth that you cannot see. This can allow bacteria to go undetected into a tooth and lead to pulp infection. If pulp damage does arise, a root canal therapy will be needed.

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