Opt for Tooth-Colored Fillings to Keep Your Natural Shade

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Amalgam fillings have been the staple for dental restorations for quite some time and used to be the only option available for patients. Enter composite or tooth-colored fillings, made of resin material, and silver fillings took a back-seat. Some dental practices still use amalgam fillings, touting their effectiveness and safety; however, many patients are opting for composite fillings, since they are virtually invisible.

To see what all the fuss is about, concerning composite fillings, you need to understand the reason why more patients are shying away from silver fillings. An obvious reason is mainly cosmetic since amalgam gives the appearance of being a “metal mouth.” The best thing about composite fillings is the fact that the material bonds directly to the enamel, allowing it to blend in with your natural tooth. Here are some other reasons:

  • Composite fillings are just as durable and long-lasting as amalgam fillings, so there is no need to choose amalgams
  • Some patients have an adverse reaction to amalgams or worry about leakage that could result in mercury exposure
  • Composite fillings require less tooth removal, so the structure can stay intact, without drilling away viable enamel
  • A benefit of the bonding process means the tooth may be maintained where there are weak areas
  • Composite fillings are bonded directly to the tooth, making them stronger than with an amalgam filling
  • They are kinder to the soft tissue than the hard metals

As you can see, composite fillings are the preferred choice for many patients a Dental Designs of Bountiful. We would love to hear from you about tooth-colored fillings in Bountiful, [state,] so call for an appointment with our dentist, Dr. David Duke, at 801-295-7171.