How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

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Do you need dental work done but are afraid to go sit in the dentist’s chair? If so, you are not alone. Overcoming dental anxiety is difficult, which is why our dentists, Drs. Duke, Albertelli and Keddington with Dental Designs of Bountiful in Bountiful, Utah, want you to know that we are happy to help work with you through your dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety is a condition that strikes fear into your heart about going to the dentist. It is natural to be afraid of the unknown or afraid of feeling like you are not in control. However, our dental experts are happy to answer your questions about anything you need to ask, and also delighted to make you feel in charge, so if you need to pause or stop we are glad to accommodate your needs. In many cases, people work out a system such as raising a hand when you need us to pause for a moment. Whatever you decide, we are happy to help you feel more comfortable in the chair.

Another way to feel more comfortable with the dentist is to bring a friend or someone you know and trust with you. That way you do not feel alone or among strangers. You can focus on your breathing patterns to keep yourself calm. Other people bring in their headphones to listen to their music or apps on their phone as they are undergoing treatment. The most important thing to remember when visiting the dentist with this condition is to don’t be afraid to tell us your fears. Let us know your feelings so we can do everything we can to help you through it.

If you have questions about your oral health or would like us to make an appointment for your checkup, please call 801-295-7171 today. Our friendly staff happily awaits to take your call and help you in any way we can.