Are You Aware of Any Tooth Risks You May Have?

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Are you caught up on all the dental damage risk factors in your life and potential ways to prevent them? Although some accidents are not preventable, it is always a good idea to have a good game plan in place to keep your smile as safe as possible. For a list of options to help protect your teeth against everyday risks, consider the following checklist:

– Exercise caution with products that are high in sugar, as they can lead to dental erosion, which can include products such as sports drinks, fruit juices, soda and gummy sweets.

– Carbs are known tooth hazard risks because they can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth, which can include products such as potato chips and bread.

– Limit snacking throughout the day, as it can increase your risk and rate of tooth decay.

– Never use your teeth for any task other than which they are specifically designed. Your teeth are designed for chewing food only. However, if you try to open products such as bottle openers with your teeth, you are extremely likely to suffer dental damage.

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