Are You Prone to Lots of Cavities?

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Do you often develop cavities regardless of how well you take care of your teeth, including brushing and flossing your teeth every day? Conversely, does it seem like some people never get cavities? The truth is that genetics can make some patients more prone to developing cavities, but our team offers some recommendations to protect your smile.

Genetics sometimes result in complications such as softer tooth enamel and crowded teeth, making cavities much more likely. Unfortunately, correcting the root of the problem can be tricky if it involves genetic issues. To protect soft enamel and promote cavity prevention, we encourage you to make sure you aren’t brushing your gums too hard. Aggressive brushing can result in oral harm to the gums and teeth. We also recommend cutting soda out of your diet so that it doesn’t further weaken your tooth enamel.

If you struggle with crowded teeth, you can consider solutions such as orthodontic treatment and removing a few teeth. It’s important to address crowded teeth in a timely manner to prevent bacteria from hiding in tight spaces and make it hard to brush and floss your teeth. Dr. David Duke and our team are happy to help you address overcrowded teeth and devise a treatment plan for your dental needs.

Treating cavities can be simple if they are detected early enough, even if genetics lead to a high risk of tooth decay. We encourage you to address any cavities right away and not wait until you experience significant pain or need to have root canal therapy performed on the tooth.

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