Overcoming the Risks of Being a Teen

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Overcoming the risks of being a teen includes oral health risks that will be posed. This can be the result of peer pressure that inevitably pops up in social settings as teens find their way in life and out of childhood. Listed below are common tips to help with your oral health care as a teen:

– Do not wear mouth jewelry, because it poses serious oral health risks, as it can chip and crack teeth, break off and become a choking hazard, as well as enter the skin and lead to infections and disease.

– When you are in your teens, the last of your permanent adult teeth grow in, the wisdom teeth, which are infamous for growing in incorrectly and leading to malocclusions.

– Your smile is at risk as a teen due to contact sports and similar high-risk activities, so always remember to use the necessary safety gear and equipment.

– Drugs can wreak havoc on your teeth, gums, and life as a teen, so avoid it at all costs.

– Given the fact that smoking and chewing tobacco often first become prevalent as the result of peer pressure as a teen, it is imperative to avoid these vices as soon as they present themselves.

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